These guy's are the Best! Very Professional and fair prices. Quality equipment is installed perfectly. Great Service as well. I was working in Boston last winter and my father in law had a problem with his furnace. I left a message with his info and within 24 hours he was 100% taken care of. Everyone I've referred to them has been thankful and Completely Satisfied.


This guy is amazing fixed very fast and great pricing


Fast friendly


My furnace died in the middle of the night the week everything was closed due to record low temps and wind chills. My regular plumber/heat man didn't call me back for a day. My fallback guy was closed, as it was the middle of the night. I found Sure-Temp online, liked the reviews, and called. The machine said, "Leave a message and I will call you back within 20 minutes." I did. And.....he did!!! He was swamped but could get to me by 8am and....he did! Said he could get the 47 yr .old furnace up and running and...he did! I was so impressed with the work ethic of this father/son tag team, I asked if they could come back sometime to replace this furnace......they could!!!! And 'sometime' was only 4 days later. John and Dominic of Sure-Temp are so reliable, so knowledgeable and take outstanding pride in their work performance ...and rightfully so! You gotta love that! When is the last time you could say that about someone you hired? I had put off replacing this furnace because I had so many fears about who? and how? and what? And now... do I have any fears or concerns? ... I don't!!! Problem finally solved. Plus, we're never too cold waiting for the heat to kick in; or, too hot as it blasts in only to start the temperature decline. We're always at the same "sure temp." No pun intended! Plus a 2019 energy efficient furnace gets you a $500 cash rebate, which John filled out, plus included all necessary documents. Can anybody say "work ethics?" I know Sure-Temp sure can!


Sure- Temp put a furnace in my house last week,they did a great job. It works great. They put drop cloths down from the front door to the basement. Very neat and respectful of my house. I would recommend them to anybody.


Had a furnace and air conditioner installed by Sure-Temp this summer. Very professional and knowledgeable installers. The price was very reasonable too. I will recommend them to all my friends and family.