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Types of Radiant Floor Heat

No matter what your floor heating installations or repairs require, we are more than ready to walk with you through the whole journey and provide an excllent product that will provide year after year.

There're three main types of radiant floor heating systems-water (Hydronic), electric, and radiant (Air). All three types perform the same function-warming the floor and your room.

The Electric Floor Heating System

In this floor heating system, a series of wires are installed underneath your floor to radiate heat that eventually warms your floor and your entire room.

Water Floor Heating (Hydronic) System

Here, a series of interconnected pipes are linked to a boiler to circulate warm water that heats your floor as well as your entire room. As this water is evenly distributed around your floor compared to a centrally placed radiator, you can still circulate it at low temperatures. And this will ensure a cost-effective way of heating your premises.

Radiant Floor Heating System

In this solution, the air is the primary medium that's used to warm your floor.

Do not worry about the best underfloor heating solution for you. Our qualified and well-trained technicians will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective for your needs.

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