Air Conditioning & Cooling Services in Niagara Falls, NY

Sure-Temp Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services
Ensure you and your family’s ultimate comfort with air conditioning and cooling services from Sure-Temp Heating & Cooling in Niagara Falls New York. Our HVAC services are offered to you whenever you’re in need. 

Air Conditioning

Our company offers installation, repair, and factory-recommended maintenance services for both residential and commercial air conditioning and air purifying systems, regardless of the make and model. We also offer estimates prior to beginning our work, so that you can rest assured you know what the job will cost.
We are proud to offer new, sustainable products that are more environmentally-friendly. As with our sustainable heating products, we've worked to offer customers the option to go green for a reasonable price.

We understand that all too often being environmentally conscious requires your wallet take a hit, which is why we're always working on developing new ways to offer our customers the chance to care for the environment, while living comfortably and staying on budget!

Install & Service:

• Air Conditioners • Ductless Air Conditioning (Mini-Splits) • Air Cleaners • Air Purification

AirCare Niagara

A division of Sure Temp, AirCare Niagara is your expert indoor air quality service provider. We offer air duct cleaning and sanitization to keep the air you and your family breathes clean and clear of harmful dust, dirt and grime.

​Celebrating 27 Years in Business

Heating Services

Sure-Temp Heating & Cooling specializes in sales and service for all kinds of HVAC units, both residential and commercial. Our company provides full installation, repair and manufacturer-recommended furnace maintenance.​

Air Conditioning

Sure-Temp Heating & Cooling offers installation, repair and factory-recommended air conditioner maintenance services for both residential and commercial air conditioning and air purifying systems regardless of the make and model.​

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